Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary involved in infrastructure to transmit navigation data to end devices, needed to build a system that was robust and flexible enough for the future.
They chose Nuxeo Platform as the foundation for their content management solution, because it has the ability to scale lean and skinny in addition to scaling up gracefully.

The Context

Jeppesen had a solution for remote delivery of a database and content to end devices that was coded in house, and this system needed to evolve. Essentially they needed a master repository on the ground, and a slave repository on the end device that would be synchronizing to the master.

As they studied the options for the next generation system, it became apparent that the problems to solve were the same as those addressed by a content management system.

Features that were fundamental to the Jeppesen application include: workflow, document lifecycle management, versioning, and publishing to a remote site.

The Solution

When the project kicked off, Jeppesen was looking for a content management system that was modular and flexible, based on industry standards, and priced right. It had to scale down as well as up.
"Nuxeo was the only company that readily grasped what we were trying to do," said John Sims, Systems Architect at Jeppesen Boeing. "Eric (Barroca, Nuxeo CEO) understood the problem we were trying to solve, and told us that Nuxeo had a similar project already."

All of the other vendors talked about supporting a massive repository, and didn't seem to understand the project.

Nuxeo Platform scales down because of its flexible, modular architecture, comprised of a collection of content management components and services. The cleanly built, extension point runtime system allows application developers to choose only the components they require, for a lean and agile end solution.
The client software for Jeppesen's system must have a small footprint, because the end devices are not very powerful. They use Nuxeo Platform to componentize the development of the navigation system, in order to capitalize on a robust, trusted infrastructure that features workflow, content management services, and notifications.

Next Steps

Future plans for the application include the use of Nuxeo Studio, the customization environment for Nuxeo platform products, for defining operations and automation chains.

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