TBWA, part of the Omnicom Group, is a top-ten ranked global advertising network with over 11,100 employees across 323 offices in 97 countries. The company’s global client list includes Accenture, Adidas, Apple, Energizer, Gatorade, GSK, Henkel, McDonald’s, Michelin and Nissan.

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Manage Advertising Digital Assets

As an advertising leader serving some of the world’s best-known brands, TBWA knows firsthand that a successful global campaign requires highly effective collaboration with each client company and dozens of local agencies around the world, including:

  • Efficient, standardized communication on a regional and global level, including proper distribution of marketing assets to each target audience around the world
  • Monitoring and control of go-to-market timing across respective countries
  • Maximizing financial efficiency – as expected by client firms – by achieving lower price per unit and streamlining all processes

In the global marketing world, an adaptation is a version of a master asset customized for use in a particular country or region of the world, created by agencies local to that area.

A global advertising program typically requires hundreds of adaptations, each consisting of several key concurrent processes that must be completed with great care and in timely fashion:

  • Briefings: Requests from a local agency to create an adaptation of a given master asset, including full details of work required
  • Transcreation: Very precise language translation that aligns with and respects local culture
  • Post-production management, such as a new local language voiceover for a video or audio asset
  • Rights management: The client can incur significant liability if an asset is used without the proper global and local level contractual rights in place:
  • Talent rights from actors, musicians and other performers permitting use of their likeness and/or intellectual property in a media asset
  • Usage rights defining when and where an asset may appear on TV, radio, print, etc.
  • Digital asset management functions such as versioning, transcoding and more

Recently TBWA selected Nuxeo as its new Media Asset Management platform to provide clients with a new level of process management, operational performance and cost effectiveness, beyond what was possible using TBWA’s existing homegrown solutions.

The TBWA technology team utilized the Nuxeo Platform to build a new application called GAME (Global Adaptation Management Engine) for one of the company’s largest clients, to more effectively manage its adaptation management processes across its many countries, agencies and partners.

The Nuxeo Platform has allowed us to review and assess the framework we had built so far and quickly add critical new value for our client.

Build a New Global Media Asset Management Application… in Just Three Weeks

Actively leveraging Nuxeo’s web-based configuration and customization tool (Nuxeo Studio), which eliminates virtually all custom coding,

We developed the new GAME application in just three weeks, with only some minor assistance from a Nuxeo solutions architect.

Working together to develop a rich and complex metadata model and customized workflows using the Nuxeo Platform, TBWA successfully resolved its client’s specific adaptation management challenges and provided critical additional functionality, including:

  • Significantly improved collaboration between TBWA and the client during the asset creation process, as well as between the customer and local agencies on adaptations, leveraging Nuxeo’s flexible workflow engine
  • Effective automation of mundane but highly critical tasks, such as creating a new job upon receipt of a briefing from a local agency, directed to appropriate TBWA managers for approval, followed later by delivery of the adaptation to the subsequent delivery of the adaptation to the local country
  • Quick and easy linking to all types of assets, from master assets to briefings and adaptations
  • Complete, transparent and traceable talent and usage rights management

“Our clients are looking to centralize their media asset management processes, from collaborating with us on the creation of master assets to management of adaptations – one of the most complex parts of a global marketing campaign.” Stefan Born, TBWA director of IT for Germany, Central and Eastern Europe

“Our GAME application not only improves handling of adaptation workflows but also gives our client a comprehensive tool to manage and supervise internal processes, including seamlessly integrating procurement, legal and production, establishing access controls on the assets, and customizing the workflows that create the assets which are then put into the Nuxeo repository.”

Another important point for us is Nuxeo does not require you to rip and replace your existing technology infrastructure.

“For example, our clients wanted to keep using certain existing asset management-related tools already in place. We leveraged Nuxeo’s highly pluggable and extensible API to integrate activity events generated by our existing tool within custom Nuxeo workflows.”

Significant New Value for All Global Marketing Campaign Stakeholders:

ClientLocal AgenciesTBWA
Control of all adaptations through standard, workflow-driven processClear workflow-driven adaptation process replaces long chain email exchangesGreater automation and efficiency
Fully transparent, visible view into all adaptation productionQuick alignment with client company and transparent interaction on contentGreater transparency
Cost efficient and scalable resource managementFull visibility on process and easy feedback/approvalsImproved client service and satisfaction Nuxeo provides a solid foundation for future growth and expansion
Global usage rights managementLocal-level usage rights managementNuxeo provides a solid foundation for future growth and expansion

Summing up the benefits TBWA has realized thus far with the Nuxeo Platform, Stefan Born says,

“Our new GAME application will further streamline and integrate the overall process and provide critical information to the right person at the right time. We are also looking forward very soon to utilizing much more of the functionality the Nuxeo Platform offers, including introducing mobile GAME applications.”

“Nuxeo is not only a media asset library for us; it is also our primary development platform for building media asset management applications with automated workflows we use in collaboration with our clients to create all of our marketing assets. Nuxeo allows us to maximize the value our clients gain from those assets.”

Moving to the Cloud

As part of our company’s cloud strategy, we’ve been given a ‘cloud-first’ mandate with a focus on availability and scalability, and Nuxeo is a key part of how we support this strategy. With Nuxeo, we can very easily connect to and migrate content from our other cloud systems.

said Stefan Born, Business Solutions Director at TBWA

Since moving to the Cloud, TBWA has experienced increased platform performance and improved uptime. With “push-button deployment,” Nuxeo Cloud upgrades are implemented instantly to ensure immediate access to the latest Nuxeo features and technology.

“We had limited internal IT resources to devote to this project, and the Nuxeo team worked closely with us to configure the platform to meet our very specific and complex needs,” added Born. “Moving to Nuxeo Cloud means we no longer have to verify many of our development and production processes, which enables us to be more efficient from an infrastructure QA standpoint. Plus, we know we’ll always be current and up-to-date since new features and capabilities are automatically rolled out.”

The Nuxeo implementation at TBWA is another example of a global enterprise leveraging the Nuxeo low-code platform to create a content-driven solution to meet their very specific needs, while also benefiting from the flexibility of deploying in a SaaS environment. By transitioning to the Cloud, TBWA can continue to effectively manage media assets across its worldwide network of clients and partners, while also providing the elasticity and configurability they will require as their needs evolve.