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The VSC Group (subsidiary of SNCF) is a major player in tourism and specializes in the sale of train tickets, as well as airplanes, car rentals, and hotel rooms for France and Europe.
As part of the VSC 2015 program, the group, whose site is the first French e-commerce site, had planned to become the reference as a digital company.

They had three objectives to reach by the end of 2015: focus on international, door-to-door, and destination of France. And they decided to use Nuxeo Digital Asset Management for this.

Screenshot project VST

Become THE reference company of digital commerce.

To support this digital development, VSC Technologies, an IT subsidiary, is in charge of the IT environment (management Front-office tools, maintenance and evolution of the website and accommodation).

One of the ongoing projects concerns the redesign of the Media Library Platform, accessible through the SNCF Identity site, including the front-office part and back-office of the site. The purpose of this media library is to:

The Solution: Leverage the Nuxeo Platform to meet all objective criteria.

For the establishment of this media library, VSC/SNCF chose to rely on the Nuxeo DAM Solution to meet the image management need.

A front-office, respecting SNCF branding, was built using WebEngine from Nuxeo, allowing users to:

The back-office, also created via Nuxeo WebEngine, allows admins to:

Screenshot Voyages SNCF