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Our Stack

Our Code is Open GitHub

The Nuxeo GitHub repository hosts more than 350 projects with more than 120 people. Here’s the platform repository, but don’t hesitate to check other projects like nuxeo-drive or nuxeo-webui. Our kitchen is open and we’d like to invite you at our table.

Nuxeo Studio

Tech Documentation

Find here detailed technical documentation to support all of your projects. We always update and improve it based and we welcome all users feedbacks.


We’re open and transparent, even our benchmark results are available to everyone. When is the last time a company shared their secrets with you?


Extend and improve your application with specific add-ons. Find the right packages for your organization or contribute to our marketplace.


Explore services, extension points, contributions, operations of the Nuxeo Platform to build your own components.

API Playground

Connect your server to our API playground and browse the repository, the data structures, as well as the resources and command endpoints. Understand which attributes are expected, as well as which headers can be used by performing real tests.

Dev Tools Extension

The Nuxeo Dev Tools browser extension places some of the more commonly performed actions in the Nuxeo Platform at the administrator’s fingertips in a popup window in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Nuxeo CLI aims at making the whole development process easier with bootstraps for common Nuxeo components, sample projects to help you understand the hood and with the ability to trigger a hot reload of your developments in a running Nuxeo Server.


Nuxeo Elements Catalog is a set of libraries of web components leveraging emerging Web standards, built upon the same goals of simplicity and pluggability.

Nuxeo Connect

Nuxeo Connect is the dashboard for all of your applications, tools and components. You can access Nuxeo Studio, ask questions to your support team or even read our documentation.

Go Further With Nuxeo

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One of the unique aspects of being an open-source company is that we publish our entire roadmap online publicly. So if you’re interested in learning more, you can view our roadmap here.



Explore our training, enroll in your favorite courses, validate the modules through online quizzes, submit code assessments, follow your progress and finally, be certified!

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We’re proud of our community and in this forum, people engage with one another and resolve the most complex questions with the entire community. We’d be happy to have welcome you as well.

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