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If you don't want to install Nuxeo locally, you can use our cloud environment with Azure or AWS.

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Once you've downloaded Nuxeo Platform, you can register for a free 30 day trial of Nuxeo Online Service for additional support and guidance.

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Our powerful software wizard that grants non-programmers the ability of creating workflows, interface, and experience they need from a custom enterprise content and asset management platform.

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Browse the Nuxeo Marketplace for a large selection of ready-to-use plugins and packages to extend the functionality of your application.

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Latest version highlights

Higher Scalability at Lower Costs

Optimize your costs and your scalability with Amazon Lambda. Long processing work can be improved using this integration and infrastructure. For instance, it allows faster computation of thumbnails when thousands of images are imported..

Better Search Results

In the search results, the search terms are now highlighted in the context of the original text wrapping them, just like you see in a Google search!

Improve your User Experience

The new Web UI introduces several UX improvements for better user experience. One of them is the thumbnails grid. The media search screen now displays thumbnails that keep the original ratio of the images and displays the metadata on hover, making it easier for you to identify the image (or visual media) you are looking for.

Secured Access to Elasticsearch

Requests are now sent to the Elasticsearch server using SSL encryption for better security.

Safe Content Access

Access to the content stored in the Nuxeo Platform by third party applications has been secured using the best recommendations and good practices of the OAuth standard.