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Version: FT 8.3

Take few minutes to download an highly customizable, extensible and performant content management platform.

Or install the Nuxeo Platform using your favorite package manager


$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 nuxeo/nuxeo:discover-ft


$ apt-get install nuxeo $ nuxeoctl start


$ brew install nuxeo $ nuxeoctl start

Online Trial

Try out all the Nuxeo Online Services for 30 days.
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With your download and product registration, you’ll get access to these products and services:

Nuxeo Platform

Enterprise Content Management Platform for building business applications.

Nuxeo Studio

The easy to use web-based customization tool to quickly configure your application.

Nuxeo Marketplace

A large selection of ready to use plugins and packages to extend the functionality of your application.

What's New in 8.3

Nuxeo Edge Cache
Mobile App for iOS
State & Config Report Tool
New Web UI
Python Client Library
MarkLogic Integration

LTS 2015 Highlights

Improved Performance & Scalability

MongoDB-powered content persistence engine, benchmarked at 1B documents, 5x faster bulk import, 15x faster doc pro-cessing

Desktop Sync 2.0

Nuxeo Drive 2.0 with better performance and new HTML5 UI and embedded WebKit

Cloud File-Sharing Platform Integration

Native integration of the Nuxeo Platform with cloud-based file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox

Elasticsearch Enhancements

Elasticsearch, the default query engine for the Nuxeo Platform, provides enhanced search capabilities and incredible scale

DataViz and Content Analytics

The new toolkit leverages Elasticsearch distributed computation capabilities to aggregate, compute and visualize any data stored in the Nuxeo Platform

... and more.

Connectors to, Adobe Creative Cloud, JavaScript for content auto-mation, new permissions management!