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Latest version highlights

Bulk Edit of Metadata

When a mass update of document properties is required, users now have the ability to select multiple documents and edit their properties using a spreadsheet like editor. The editor uses a familiar row and column approach for displaying properties that is immediately evident to the user. The editing capabilities mirror those found in typical spreadsheet offerings with options for multi selecting properties and filling cells by dragging a cell value horizontally or vertically. These capabilities allow users to quickly update the properties and the built in autosave function ensures that changes aren't lost if a user prematurely closes the editor.

Full MongoDB Support

The Nuxeo platform can now be fully deployed on MongoDB, the industry’s leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is great for those customers looking for the ultimate in performance or simply looking to remove their dependency on SQL databases as it runs on more cost effective hardware, scales horizontally, and is designed to facilitate big data use cases.

Policy Based Versioning

Enables automated document versioning and removes the need for users to determine if a document should be versioned or should change state. Business rules can be defined that will automate versioning based on user actions, events, or document state. The feature allows users to configure rules like "Version documents each time the current author is different than the last one". Users can also specify if a new version should be created before or after a modification.

Improved Search

Search results are now highlighted, as is the surrounding text. This makes it very easy for users to quickly determine the relevance of the result to their query.

Elasticsearch Security

Providing the right access to the right people. Nuxeo has added comprehensive security for Elasticsearch, including encrypted communications, role-based access control, AD/LDAP integration and Auditing. Customers can rest easy knowing data stored in the Elastic Stack is safe and secure.

Supporting the Digital Workplace

Customers using Nuxeo from a mobile web browser can now start the native Nuxeo mobile app with a single click, for an optimized mobile experience. The native application improves the mobile experience by providing a native mobile look and feel, improved responsiveness, makes the best use of the available device real estate, and supports common mobile design patterns (pinch and zoom, back button navigation, multi touch).

CSV Import and Report Creation

Users can bulk import document into Nuxeo and define the associated properties using comma separated variables (CSV) files. When the CSV file is provided, Nuxeo will asynchronously begin creating new documents using the data contained in the CSV files to populate properties and add any necessary binaries. Once complete, Nuxeo will notify the user via email and supply a report that details the number of successfully imported documents and any skipped or failed imports.

Report Generation

Reports can be created that pull metadata from documents stored in Nuxeo and merge it with user created templates. Templates can be created in common authoring tools (Word, Excel, etc) and users are provided with an intuitive mechanism to insert the metadata placeholders. These templates can then be automatically or manually generated at anytime. This feature provides customers with an easy and intuitive way to generate consistently formatted reports that can be used for internal and external purposes.