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Desktop Sync for the Nuxeo Content Repository

Open source client based on RESTful APIs enables developers to build custom content sharing applications

Nuxeo Drive enables bidirectional synchronization of content between the local desktop and the Nuxeo content repository, on premise or in the Cloud. It works with all applications built on the Nuxeo Platform, including Document Management, Digital Asset Management, Case Management, or a custom content-centric application.

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Collaborate on all types of content - from simple files to complex application output

After installing a light client on the desktop, Nuxeo Drive establishes a secure connection to the Nuxeo repository - on premise, or in the Cloud - and updates content when a change is detected, either locally or on the server. Nuxeo Drive handles all types of content, from simple files such as documents, images, and slide decks to complex application output in a hierarchical folder structure. Secure conflict resolution ensures that collaborative projects stay up-to-date in the Nuxeo content repository.

Build the content sharing application that your business requires

The highly customizable Nuxeo Platform allows you to the define content, metadata and workflows that naturally follow your business processes. Nuxeo Drive allows you to work on all types of content, including custom content types, in your local applications, while automating updates in the background. 

The source code for Nuxeo Drive is openly available on GitHub. The client is based on RESTful APIs, so it can be used to  develop a custom client in any language.

Nuxeo Drive Features

Build a Custom Synchronization Client

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