Nuxeo is proud to be a Gold sponsor and Presenter for the 2019 AIIM Conference!

The AIIM conference is where industries and organizations come together to attend presentations, take part in discussion on trends and best practices, and explore innovative solutions and technologies to gain insight from their information and tackle the top challnges facing the information management industry.

Discover how Nuxeo is helping modernize information management on March 27th at our Roundtable session From Information Chaos to Intelligent Intelligent Information Management.

We look forward to seeing you there!

From Information Chaos to Intelligent Intelligent Information Management.
We’ve all heard about information overload, digital landfill, and information chaos.

But times are changing. Business information and content are no longer seen as something that needs to be managed, or as a problem that needs solving. Content and information can do so much more. They can drive innovation, help launch new products, streamline processes and create significant competitive advantage.

Join this roundtable session for an engaging and thought provoking discussion about how intelligent information management can be so much more than solving information chaos.

Key Takeaways
From the session you can expect to discuss:

  • Why information has been so hard to manage in the past
  • Real world examples where information has been used in a positive way - and the benefits gained
  • How new technologies such as AI and low code development are fuelling the drive towards intelligent information management