How much do you really know about content challenges facing your teams? Nuxeo surveyed 1,000 creative, marketing, and sales professionals-and you won’t want to miss what we found out.

In this Henry Stewart DAM video, we share key takeaways from our content creation survey, and put them in context so you can use them to be successful with your projects.

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 biggest reasons your teams are requesting new content — even when they know it exists (and how much it’s costing you)
  • Which industries are the worst offenders for re-creating content again … and again
  • Top ways teams look for content for re-use, and where big companies are missing out
  • Which generation of workers is most likely to go “rogue” and use unsanctioned, unsecured tools

Watch this video and arm yourself to solve content supply chain challenges and get more value from your content in 2019 and beyond.