Nuxeo is proud to sponsor and participate for the first time to Code Slinger. During one day, speakers will be discussing future software trends, in the entire software development ecosystem. Enjoy keynote presentations from the major players on Europe’s software landscape, gain inspiration for your own career and the industry as a whole and return to your computer with vision and drive.

Damien Metzler - Senior Architect, Online Services, will present “Beyond Multi-Tenancy: Introducing a New Container-Based Application Factory” at 10AM.

Multi-tenancy is the classical approach for delivering SaaS applications. However, multi-tenancy at the application level comes with a significant limitation in terms of processing isolation, efficient hardware utilization and advanced per-tenant configuration.
In this session, you will see a new application factory infrastructure built to avoid the limitations of multi-tenancy, using customized Docker containers deployed on demand for each tenant, while still being able to manage this as a single application. We will also describe why we chose Docker or Gogeta to build our open source project “Arken” and its architecture choices. We will show how it has evolved alongside the Docker ecosystem by taking advantage of the new volume and network plugins.
This presentation will also show you how this new container-based application factory model optimizes the hosting costs by providing high-density container hosting on top of AWS EC2 and passivation / on-demand activation of containers.