Webinar — Online — May 26 at 3pm GMT

Transform Your Customer Experience with Modern Information Management

According to a Nuxeo research, UK Financial Services firms are storing critical customer information and content - on average - across nine different systems. Additionally, 80% of respondents indicated that their information systems also aren’t integrated.

Not only does this have a significant impact on operational efficiency, it is also negatively impacting customers’ experiences as well. And with the specter of GDPR and other consumer privacy legislation looming, many organisations are finding it impossible to respond to these regulations and resulting customer inquiries.

In this webinar on-demand, we share real-life examples of how leading financial services organisations - like ABN Amro, one of the Netherlands largest and most progressive banks - have modernised their legacy information systems to use data and content in new and innovative ways to deliver more value to their customers, reduce technology costs, and transform their businesses.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why current information management strategies make financial services less competitive
  • How to bridge information silos to enhance your customer experience
  • Methods to improve decision-making with intelligent information
  • How other top banks and insurers have already modernised their information management systems and what benefits they are experiencing
  • How AI can provide greater automation and insight into financial services processes
  • And, new ways to better comply with regulations

Our panelists discuss common information management challenges that legacy systems pose, and how to intelligently modernise existing systems to support digital transformation, take advantage of new cloud technologies, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s financial services market.

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Chris McLaughlin, CMO

Chris McLaughlin, CMO

Chris McLaughlin is Nuxeo’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, guiding the global product and go-to-market strategy. He’s responsible for all aspects of marketing, product design, and product management worldwide. Prior to joining Nuxeo, Chris served in a number of executive roles in Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, most recently as CMO. He also served as CMO at Thunderhead, helping this Customer Communications Management software company become one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe. Today, Chris has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software with both small, growth-stage and large, global software organizations. Chris graduated from UCLA and works out of the Irvine office in California.

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