It’s spooky. It’s scary.

It’s … the haunted house DAM: full of dead assets buried in unfindable nooks and crannies, terrifying time wasters, and pits of quicksand where good intentions get swallowed by broken processes and vendor lock-in.

What lurks in the heart of your digital asset management system? In this Halloween webinar, Uri Kogan of Nuxeo will show you the signs that your DAM may not make it to the end credits — and what you can do about it. We’ll use examples from real case studies at top media, entertainment, and CPG enterprise companies, where teams found themselves living real-life DAM nightmares.

In this webinar on-demand, you’ll learn:

  • How lumbering “FrankenDAMs” arise — and why they’re slowing your teams down
  • Tips for escaping the DAM “value trap” that locks you into legacy systems
  • Why some DAMs turn from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde when your processes change
  • … And why the scariest part of your DAM may be what you’re not seeing.