Nuxeo is proud to be part of the ATARC Federal Emerging Technology Summit for the first time.

This educational, one-day symposium will examine emerging technology products and solutions being utilized by the Federal Government to provide agencies with increased efficiency and cost savings.

As digital transformation initiatives gain momentum and new technology areas like big data expand, agencies need modern content management solutions to help deal with the digital data deluge and strategically solve content-related problems.

That’s why we’re working with ATARC and MITRE to bring you an opportunity to collaborate with government and industry peers in a workshop following the ATARC Federal Emerging Technology Summit sessions.

In this collaborative workshop - Content Management in a Digital Government Environment - participants will discuss how modern content management tools, technologies and strategies can help accelerate digital transformation, improve operational efficiencies and unlock the unlimited value of their information.

Make sure to join us and say hi on April 17th in Washington, DC!

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