Developing an application to manage your organization’s digital assets requires building complex content models, internal and external workflows, integrations to other systems, and a custom user interface. Join us for this 45 minute webinar to learn why the platform approach will make this task more manageable and agile. Learn how to get started with a DAM platform that will take much of the complexity out of the way for your development process and still allow customizations and forward compatibility.

Bob and Leo will start with a brief explanation of the platform approach to building a DAM application and move onto some practical approaches to getting started. These will include:

  • How to quickly & easily configure the DAM platform and implement a business model

  • How to make your project operational and deploy with continuous integration in mind

  • Tips on developing the right document model and automation to make your user’s lives easier

Register now for this live webinar and learn how to get started with your DAM application.