Get a glimpse of the main features supported in Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015. Join Product Marketing Director, Mike Urbonas, on Wednesday, November 18, to learn about the highlights of this new release.

With this LTS version of the Nuxeo Platform, we’re changing how we assign product version names and numbers. The name for each LTS version is now based on the release year. Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 is the result of the four Fast Track releases throughout the past year.

Highlights of Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 include:

  • Nuxeo Live Connect: Native Integration with Google Drive & Dropbox

  • Content Analytics & Data Visualisation

  • Elasticsearch: API Passthrough, Hints for NXQL, Security

  • Massive Scalability with MongoDB Integration

  • New Document Viewer

  • Automation Scripting

  • Nuxeo Drive 2

  • Automated Media Conversions

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