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Topics: MongoDB, NoSQL

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MongoDB Schema

Nuxeo is really excited to sponsor MongoDB World. Nuxeo provides native integration with the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, as a supported content and data storage back end. Developers can quickly and easily deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications and we’re happy to share that success story during their annual event in NYC.

Experience first-hand how the world’s fastest-growing database is powering today’s innovations and can help you gain a competitive advantage. Learn how large enterprises have delivered new applications to market at the speed of a lean startup, and how startups scale and execute on their giant ideas like an enterprise.

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Thierry Delprat

Thierry Delprat
Thierry Delprat joined Nuxeo in 2005 as Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, he guides the architectural development of the Nuxeo Platform including the adoption of Java as the platform for innovation. Prior to joining Nuxeo, Thierry worked for over 7 years at Unilog, with progressively senior experience across different branches of the consulting company. He was also a technical architect at Cryo-Networks (infrastructure for online games), and has participated in start-up companies. Thierry graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes.