This 2-hour online training session led by one of our solution architect, will introduce the fundamental concepts of Nuxeo Studio and enable you to get started building an application with the Nuxeo Platform.

Nuxeo Studio is an online application design environment that helps you build a custom content application based on the Nuxeo Platform - without writing a single line of code.

The course will cover:

  • Branding — adapt the logos, fonts, and colors of your application

  • Content models — define content types, their metadata, and their lifecycles

  • Listings & Views — define the lists of documents and layout to display at different stages of user interaction with the application (e.g. search forms, default views of content, etc.

  • Workflow — build custom business process flows, from simple to very complex

  • Automation — build your own business rules based on chains of operations centered around content items. Operations are unitary functions, such as “move a document,” “update a property,” “change the lifecycle state,” “transform to PDF,” “send as email,” etc.

  • Vocabularies — define the lists of labels to be used in the application to populate selection lists (drop-down, select or multi-select lists).

If you are not already familiar with Nuxeo Studio, we highly recommend that you sign up for a 30-day trial before participating in this course, so you can access and play with Studio while you learn. Simply download the Nuxeo Platform and the installation wizard will guide you to the free trial.

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