Our industry once professed the need for a single system: an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The concept was good, but the execution – and reality – failed to live up to the vision. Then ECM morphed into an umbrella term for all things document, content, and process-related.

But after many years, many attempts, and many perspectives weighing on this never-quite-right catch-all term, our industry continued to grow and evolve into what we have today (content services) a core set of information-driven practices and methodologies that help organizations meet their Digital Transformation objectives.

In this webinar on-demand, we’ll look at how the business ecosystem can succeed with how:

  • it allows, and actually thrives on, having lots of small inter-connected applications
  • these applications and platforms need to be modern, connected, and personal
  • modern architecture, scalability, integration, and personalised solution capability can collectively deliver a truly revolutionary step forward in how organisations create, consume and ultimately gain greater value from their information and content assets

Never before has the Intelligent Information Management industry had such potential with content services, and more importantly, an equal ability to deliver to meet the digital transformation needs of organisations of all sizes and industries.