Webinar — Pre-recorded — July 30th | 11am BST - 12pm CEST

8 Ways to Reinvent Traditional Insurance in the Digital Era

The insurance industry is at a tipping point. A next-generation of insurer is disrupting traditional business models by building future-proof business systems that power superior customer experiences and generate new revenue streams.

With the proper application of technology and information, traditional insurers can quickly adapt to changing industry dynamics and win against these next-gen insurers.

This session will explore how to:

  • Reinvent traditional insurance products and services
  • Drive customer experience improvements by unlocking more information and using it faster
  • Mitigate risk and ensure successful modernization efforts

Discover how traditional insurers can win more business by delivering customer-centric insurance underwriting process, policy administration systems, and claims management applications faster than ever.

You can also read this guide about “The Future of Claims Management

NB: This session was recorded on Oct. 1st 2019 with Uri Kogan - Nuxeo’s former VP Product Marketing

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