Nuxeo addresses all stages of a media supply chain on a foundation of asset lifecycle management, powerful analytics, and security.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Dynamic Lifecycle Permissions and Security

Easily define, enforce, and use asset states to automatically adjust permissions and security policies of your shared assets.

Flexible Storage Policies

Minimize storage costs without hurting responsiveness by using lifecycle or other metadata to optimize storage choices. For example, store thumbnails in a local cache and large binaries in the cloud, or WIP locally and archive on tape.

Analytics & Visualization

Improve Content Performance

Nuxeo’s real-time, visual rich, and easy-to-build analytics dashboards help you identify workflow completion times, user and subtask performance, location of bottlenecks, agency turnaround times, popular search terms, and expiring assets.

Full Visibility

Because our dashboards are based on the same underlying APIs and search tools, users can instantly see data across the entire organization, limited only by your permissions and security policies.

Permissions and Security

Military Grade Security

Nuxeo permissions and security are always on, granular, and completely configurable and automatable.

Complete Encryption

Nuxeo traffic can be SSL encrypted and is fully configurable for optimum performance. It also supports AES encryption of content at rest, in the backend, or in search indexes at the system level.

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