The era of smart content is here. Nuxeo's powerful search functionality enables all users to find exactly the right asset at the right time, as quickly as possible.

Smarter Search

Find what you need across content, metadata, annotations, or closed captions with dynamic facets and full text search. With auto-tagging at ingest, your metadata will be richer than ever.

Criteria Weighting

Weigh search criteria so you can cast a wider net without overwhelming the number of results.


Highlight your search terms in the results to quickly scan for them.

Fuzzy Logic

Find what you’re looking for, even when you don't know how to describe it. Fuzzy queries and synonym dictionaries keep misspellings or the unique terminology from slowing you down.

More Like This

When you aren't sure exactly what you need, seeing content related to a particular search result can be very helpful. In Nuxeo, you can define the similarities that matter to your users.

Color Matching

Find images based on predominant colors.

Virtual Folders

Organize content by show and episode for one set of users or by content type for another. Because folders are virtual, every user or group can create the structure they prefer

Instant Preview

Preview content directly within search results without waiting to download.

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