Analyze Your Data and Visualize Your Content In a Snap

Understand user activity and analyze your content, but also get an instant visualization of the data being used.

Make Insightful Decisions

Based on precise analytics and data visualization reports, Nuxeo Analytics helps you understand how your content is performing, such as how long workflows take to complete, which users or subtasks are performing best, where bottlenecks exist, which agencies deliver on time, and ultimately where you can improve.

Quickly Understand User Activity

With our built-in analytics, you get instant visualization on not only your content but also the people who engage, consume, share, and contribute to it. By identifying underperforming digital assets and workflows, you can take immediate action to improve the user experience in your ECM, DAM, or Case Management system.

Gain Real-Time, Enterprise-wide Visibility

Instantly see data across the whole organization, limited only by your permissions and security policies. Improve the performance of business processes by analyzing user activities and identifying optimization opportunities in real-time.

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