Nuxeo Platform Performance

We have the performance and scalability benchmark results to prove our leadership in the ECM, DAM, and Case Management markets

Proven Performance

Nuxeo’s hybrid architecture approach (NoSQL or SQL databases) has been validated to the tune of one billion documents, yielding impressive results like a possible import of 30,000 documents per second.

Higher Speed and Security of your Transfers

Reducing enterprise content download times is always a big challenge as content and concurrent users both grow. To combat slower speeds, we built Nuxeo Edge Cache to reduce download times by up to 95% and bandwidth consumption by 90%—all while keeping your digital assets safe—even when cached.

Now you can work faster, maintain security, and access your content with any client (Web Browser, Nuxeo Drive, or Nuxeo API Clients).

Architected for Future-proof Flexibility

With Nuxeo Platform, you can choose from many SQL and NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) database options for storage and even shard on several databases for even higher throughput. Your search can be configured using SQL-based queries, Elasticsearch, or a combination of both.

A passion for Improvements

As a company, we are constantly designing, coding, and assuring new capabilities, features, plugins, and connectors for multiple environments.

Additionally, Nuxeo customers are provided with the same testing and benchmarking tools used by our own development and QA teams, including Funkload (our web load tester), Gatling (our stress tester), and full documentation with recommendations for everything else.

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