Increase Metadata Accuracy

Improve results with role-based tagging templates, boost metadata completion with required fields, and automate metadata extraction in formats such as XMP, EXIF, MPEG2, and more.

Search Inside images and Video

Improve search results and storyboarding by identifying shapes, colors, images, text, faces, and more with Nuxeo Vision–cloud-powered, AI-based tagging backed by Google Vision or Amazon Rekognition.

Launch Faster

Shorten ingest processes with pre-designed ingest templates and metadata inheritance.

Transcode Smarter

Reduce costs, increase speed and scalability, and simplify your IT with dedicated Nuxeo nodes and embedded transformation engines (ffmpeg and Imagemagick), or leverage cloud services such as Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Automate Rendering

Easily configure multiple renditions and trigger them at ingest, on demand, or through the API.

Automate Storyboards

Skim frames to quickly find the desired timestamp in automatically generated storyboards.

Accelerate Uploads

Ingest massive files or asset volumes at maximum speed with Nuxeo Edge Cache, native CDN integrations to CloudFront, S3, and Azure; and our Aspera integration (coming soon). And coordinate ingest across many teams and processes with Nuxeo’s advanced native workflow and automation tools.

Reduce Vendor Backlogs

Create custom upload portals for every production company and agency you engage using templates, granular permissions, and custom branding.

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