Workflow management and workflow automation systems can deliver the business efficiencies today’s enterprises require in order to remain competitive.

What is Workflow?

Organizations rely on processes to get work done, and they rely on the efficient running of those processes to get work done on time, on budget, and with as little stress and disruption as possible. Nuxeo workflow management provides the means for a business to better map, manage, and streamline their internal processes.

Meaningful Insights

Intuitive reporting tools and dashboards enable you to quickly get details about the progress of multiple workflows, including any blockages.

A Low-Code Platform for Managing your Processes

Nuxeo includes a graphical process designer that enable users to visually define and manage their business processes.

Data & Content Are One

You need on and off-ramps for content and data. We enable users to add documents or data to workflow, as well as the ability to get content or data out during the process.

Stay Ahead on Workflows

Task alerts inform users when they need to perform work or interact with a workflow.

The Right Content for the Right Users

The Nuxeo Platforms provides the ability to set and manage several levels of permissions and access controls. At the simplest level, some users will be approvers, some requesters, and so on.

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