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We're on a mission to bring an end to using Dropbox for file sharing, spreadsheets for deadline management and email updates for projects communication. We're building the system you want - With your input - From the ground up.


Frustrated when you spend your time doing repetitive administrative work instead of doing what you love? You're not alone.


Tired of project information feeling like a puzzle - with a few of the pieces missing? We've got your back.


Want to work together better, with tools that simplify approvals and shorten feedback cycles? You'll feel right at home

Your command center for creative assets

Everything your creative team needs to keep the process moving.

All your project information in one place

Get a full view of each project at a glance. From background research to final assets, we've got you covered.

Your team's home base for collaboration

Cloud-based file sharing for teams, plus reviews and approvals with security and privacy controls so you can rest easy.

Annotations and insights made easy

Time-stamped comments, easy tagging and filtering, and threaded replies help to tame the content chaos.

Faster feedback and approvals from clients and stakeholders

No login or training required. Creative Pro by Nuxeo's fast, intuitive interface gets clients up to speed within minutes.

We want to become your dream tool for creativity and collaboration.

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