Mobile Content Review

Streamline review & approval of videos, images, and documents from your mobile device.

Share and review images, text, and videos with agencies and team members. All from your smart device.


Get actionable, visual feedback from reviewers. Easy, intuitive comments for PDFs, videos, and images.


Tame unruly file structures and runaway versions. Get the right work-in-progress files to the right people, securely and efficiently.


Streamline and automate complex workflows, so your team can spend less time chasing feedback and more time on what counts: getting the job done.

Start conversations that work

  • Dependable version control that takes advantage of Nuxeo’s most advanced capabilities.
  • React with pictures, videos, links or voice memos — and you control who can (and who can’t) see your comments.
  • Bring in co-workers or clients for another look — every comment can initiate additional collaboration.

Kickstart tasks the smart way

  • Kickoff new validation requests while making comments in your document for on-the-fly workflow adjustments.
  • Nuxeo suggests task type, participants, and due dates based on the project and context.

Securely and efficiently share any file with anyone

  • Share huge files without the pain. Send unique dedicated links to your content assets at any time.
  • Easily add team members to an ongoing review, or publish final work files for access by partners or clients.
  • Keep using the tools you love: easily share by Dropbox, SMS, or email.

Quickly find out what requires your attention

  • Find all tasks, mentions, and file updates in one convenient menu.
  • Receive instant notifications when relevant actions are taken.
  • Quickly review, approve, and route your output.

Work the way you want

  • Approve or reject changes directly via email.
  • Receive SMS document preview and approval requests.
  • Coming Soon: Discuss content in real time on Slack with findable document review comments.
  • All features are available in your web browser as well as on mobile.
  • If your platform uses Nuxeo, you can use this app.

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