Case Management for Financial Services

Nuxeo helps financial services organizations cut through the case management chaos by streamlining and simplifying the interactions between people, process, and technology with a modern content services platform that delivers content-driven applications to meet the needs of any type of casework and task management.

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Bringing Determinant Case Processing to the Forefront

In addition to transactional processing, Nuxeo supports a determinant processing model delivered by the case management capabilities of platform.

With case management, organizations can place the control over task selection and prioritization in the hands of knowledge workers who need that flexibility to adapt to the dynamics of their workday.

Enhanced by immediate and simultaneous access to digital content and data, regardless of where the data resides or the physical location of those accessing it, organizations can power a dynamic and collaborative processing environment to meet their most challenging case processing requirements.

30% of knowledge workers time and 19.8% of business time overall is wasted searching for information/content

— IDC Research

The most important content-driven business applications available through a modern CSP are all types of case management applications

— 2017 FCW CSP Survey

Employees email 2 or more documents a day to an average of 5 people for review, which creates 10 new documents per day that are often stored in multiple locations


Enterprise Scalable

Financial services organizations are made up of business units of varying sizes. Legacy platforms have historically been poor at moving up and down the organization. Large scale platforms are too expensive to deploy departmentally. Departmental solutions do not scale to the enterprise.

With Nuxeo, financial services organizations now have a platform that not only easily scales up and down the organization, but can provision itself to meet high capacity processing needs such as month-end, quarter-end, and year-end without the need to pay for compute power that sits idle most of the time.

Best of Breed Approach

Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel.

For example, if you have invested heavily in analytics, reporting or rule engine tools that you are used to, you can easily continue to use them with the Nuxeo platform. Nuxeo’s ability to work with both legacy and future environments is a unique advantage to moderate transition risk. And this is just one of many examples of Nuxeo’s innovative and open capabilities.

Case Management doesn't presume that there is always an order and structure to work.

Case Management Capabilities at a Glance

Intuitive, Low-Code, Design and Configuration Capability

Integrated Mobile and Offline Capability

Robust and Accessible Workflow for Diverse and Complex Processes

Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration Tools

Automated, Manual, and Event-Driven Activity Assignment

Robust Analytics and Data Visualization Capability

Complex Permission Management Based on Diverse Attributes

Robust Rule Creation and Management Tools

Shared, Re-usable Services

Logical and Efficient Inventory Management

Search, Store, and Analyze Structured and Unstructured Data

Automated Identification of Potentially Related Cases

Seamless Microsoft Office Product Integration

Accurate Recording and Monitoring of Case Work Time

Robust and Reliable Audit Log and Information Integrity

Intuitive End User Messaging and Notification

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