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Nuxeo helps financial services future-proof their content management systems with a modern content services platform that uses cloud-native and open source technologies to deliver content-driven applications and content services with massive scalability and flexibility.

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The Modern Solution You Need

Legacy content systems do not adapt easily to the changing needs of financial services customers. They are expensive, difficult to deploy, and static in their design.

The Nuxeo Content Services Platform (CSP) represents a shift from outdated self-contained enterprise content management (ECM) systems and repositories to extensible open services delivered using modern technologies like cloud and open source, and commodity hardware.

90% of all data is unstructured (content)

90% of all data is unstructured (content)
— IDC Research

59% of managers miss information because they cannot find it

59% of managers miss information because they cannot find it

Best practices to safeguard your digital archives

The Line of Business

How many business decisions have been negatively impacted by the lack of an enterprise view of the customer?

With Nuxeo, financial services organization can gain a 360- degree view to determine the overall enterprise value of the customer including insight into communications with that customer across business units. By viewing the customer holistically, organizations can make better business decisions based on a broad lens perspective of interactions with the customer.

For Technologists

Nuxeo is the only open source, cloud native content services platform with the proven scalability to unify and digitally manage both traditional and rich media content of any size, type and volume.

The Nuxeo platform is optimized for speed and flexibility of application development and deployment with configurable and customizable services; a modular architecture including NoSQL for scalability; and integration capabilities with existing environments like Office 365.

With easy to deploy and modify applications and an efficient system for business users, technologists can focus on more mission-critical projects.

What do they say?

Aragon Research 2017

Nuxeo’s platform is agnostic – its modern architecture means it can manage both documents and videos, something ECM providers can only do with two products. The ability to manage video at scale in particular means that enterprises will be able to replace existing ECM apps and deploy new ones ready for the modern video content era

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Understanding how many legacy applications you have, what they do, and how much they cost will help you make the critical decisions on how and when to retire them. See how a modern Content Services Platform could help you in your information systems modernization.

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