DAM system for Financial Services

Nuxeo simplifies the digital asset management needs of the financial services industry by combining enterprise content management and rich media management in a modern, scalable content services platform.

This enables financial services organizations to quickly adapt to the increased use of video, voice, photographic, and other rich media format types in the day to day interactions with their customers.

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Metadata Matters.

Without it, your most critical information is difficult to find and use. Nuxeo’s approach to meta-data is unlike that of any competitor and allows the platform to describe content in ways not possible in the past.

It includes advanced metadata tagging capabilities that utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Google Analytics to unlock powerful analysis and tagging with lightning fast search and instant previews. And, with NoSQL for metadata management, Nuxeo provides unparalleled performance and the flexibility to build and refine metadata models that cannot be achieved with legacy ECM architectures.

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Digital asset management that does more.

Across financial services, the use of rich media has increased significantly. Organizations must now be able to capture, store, and manage photographs, videos, voice recordings and a variety of other rich media formats from a variety of sources.


Rich Media Ready
Nuxeo delivers the only modern content services platform with powerful enterprise digital asset management capabilities like meta-data tagging, massive scalability, advanced search, creative review and omni-channel distribution.


Content Federation
Additionally, Nuxeo can reference rich media content in repositories outside of Nuxeo which enables users to quickly and efficiently search across the enterprise to find the information they need when they need it, fast.


Any Size and Type of Content
The Nuxeo platform delivers native capability for managing diverse multi-media content types such as video, images, audio, 3D, and others. It can quickly and easily scale and manage any content regardless of content type, size or volume, while using contextual data to keep the content in context.

Core DAM system features you can count on.

• Ingest & Enrich
Upload all content types, including 3D and 360º assets, using bulk upload, hotfolders, and API upload. Enrich creative processes with planning, materials, commerce, and other contextual data.
• Automate & Streamline
Empower your creative supply chain with configurable workflows. Automate administrative tasks like notifications and file conversions, so creative teams can do more of what they do best.
• Search & Discover
Say goodbye to searches that get slower as you get bigger. Even in benchmark tests with a staggering 1 billion assets, it takes less than 1/20th of a second to search Nuxeo DAM.
• Publish & Analyze
Push finished assets or proxies to portals, social, web, or other systems. Then, monitor to generate insights from rich analytics and reporting on all your assets.
• Review & Revise
Get approvals with an audit trail. Review, annotate and transform all types of assets in Nuxeo DAM — including using the Nuxeo Adobe CC Connector to edit Creative Cloud files.

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