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Nuxeo streamlines government DAM by unifying enterprise content management and rich media management in a modern, scalable content services software platform that enables agencies to effectively manage and search large format digital assets for re-use including analysis, dissemination, reporting, publishing, storage, and branding.

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The Key to Modern Operational Efficiency

From Public Affairs Offices to Homeland Security and Transportation Agencies, the effective management and use of rich media content like photos, satellite imagery and video is vital to effective operations and delivering better citizen services.

Nuxeo delivers the only modern content services platform with process management and workflow and powerful enterprise digital asset management capabilities like meta-data tagging, massive scalability, advanced search, creative review and omni-channel distribution.

Additionally, Nuxeo can reference content in repositories outside of Nuxeo, which enables users to quickly and efficiently search across the enterprise to find the information they need when they need it, fast.

A digital movie is 10 million times the size of a digital book

— EE Times

Digital media is the fastest growing data source

Digital media is the fastest growing data source
— IDC Research

Less than 20% of agencies say that they are currently able to manage digital assets well

— FCW 2017 CSP Survey

Manage Any Size and Type of Content

The use of modern technology has led to an explosion in the creation of large format, complex digital content including video and social media. The Nuxeo platform delivers native capability for managing diverse multi-media content types such as video, images, audio, 3D, and others.

It can quickly and easily scale and manage any content regardless of content type, size or volume, while using contextual data to keep the content in context.

Metadata Matters

Without it, your most critical information is difficult to find and use. Nuxeo’s approach to metadata is unlike that of any competitor and allows the platform to describe content in ways not before possible.

It includes advanced metadata tagging capabilities that utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like Google Vision to unlock powerful analysis and tagging with lightning fast search and instant previews. And, with NoSQL databases for metadata management, Nuxeo provides unparalleled performance and the flexibility to build and refine metadata models in ways that are impossible with legacy Enterprise Content Management systems.

They Trust Us.

Jim Lundy, CEO & Analyst at Aragon Research

What makes Nuxeo distinctive is its ability to natively manage both documents and video in an all-in-one platform. Nuxeo provides a new level of capability, flexibility and scale for managing video and other assets in this modern era of content.

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