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Nuxeo helps agencies future-proof their content management systems with a modern content services platform that uses cloud-native and open source technologies to deliver content-driven applications and content services with massive scalability and flexibility.

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The Modern Solution You Need

Content systems of the past no longer facilitate the problems government needs to solve today. The Nuxeo Content Services Platform (CSP) represents the shift from outdated self-contained enterprise content management (ECM) systems and repositories to a modern solution with extensible, open source architectures that leverage open services, open standards, cloud-native technologies, and open source licensing.

Nuxeo is the only modern content services platform that delivers all of those in a single solution and enables agencies to fully realize the benefits of greater transparency, flexibility, and portability without the risk of vendor or proprietary technology lock-in.

90% of all data is unstructured (content)

90% of all data is unstructured (content)
— IDC Research

60% of agencies see content management modernization as very important over the next two years

— 2017 FCW CSP Survey

59% of managers say they miss important information almost every day because it exists within the organization but they cannot find it

59% of managers say they miss important information almost every day because it exists within the organization but they cannot find it

The Line of Business

The Nuxeo platform is a holistic solution that ties together content from any source to give business users a centralized view of their information. It eliminates duplicative content issues and enables efficiency with advanced search capabilities and customizable workflows.

Nuxeo gives government agencies the flexibility to work the way they want by integrating with native applications and productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Adobe Connect. Users can continue to work in the applications they know while Nuxeo manages the work for things like versioning on the back end.

Nuxeo is the only open-source content services platform with the proven scalability to unify and digitally manage both traditional and rich media content of any size, type and volume.

Metadata Matters

The Nuxeo platform emphasizes configurability resulting in it being optimized for speed of application development and deployment.

With Nuxeo, users have the flexibility to keep configuring the system to adapt to constantly changing business needs in near real time. Its modular architecture also enables technologists to efficiently extend the solution using pluggable API driven solution – instead of customizing the code base. With Nuxeo, it is easy to deploy and then modify applications after they are live to fulfill changing requirements, enabling much greater business efficiency and giving technologists time focus on mission-essential projects.

Nuxeo also uses the most advanced NoSQL databases and independently scalable architecture for unmatched scalability when you need it, without compromising performance or getting killed on cost.

Hot Vendors in Modern Content Management, 2017
Nuxeo offers a Modern Content Management Platform that manages both documents and video. This combination of documents and video means that enterprises will be able to build new, modern content applications with Nuxeo... [while also having the] flexibility to build and refine metadata models that cannot be achieved with legacy ECM architectures.

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