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Nuxeo Platform empowers greater economies of scale across top consumer goods customers worldwide — while empowering them to stay as flexible and nimble as a small challenger.

Get more from your complex portfolio of global and local brands. Enable easier collaboration, more agile teams, and faster launches.

Fifth Sun
Conquer the ever-changing consumer goods landscape.
Tomorrow’s winning CPG company will look different from that of today: streamlined and agile in organization, automated and deeply analytic across functions.” McKinsey & Company

Nuxeo empowers product and marketing teams to use content more effectively — across all your global brands.

Ecommerce Manager
How should we increase buyer engagement when using many online retail channels?
Let’s roll product information out to e-commerce sites automatically — with daily updates.
Brand Strategy VP
How do we replicate the success of our best product launches?
We can quickly find the most effective content and share it with other brands or regions for re-use.
Creative Director
How can we reduce how long it takes to review and approve creative content?
What if we streamlined approval workflows and made it easier to mark up images and video?

Visionary* thinking for the biggest challenges facing your business today.

Digital native brands are capturing market share from category leaders.

Multichannel e-commerce is growing fast, while brick-and-mortar retailers struggle to survive.

Change is coming faster than ever: new product niches and consumer preferences are constantly emerging.

Learn how top consumer goods manufacturers in three different categories are responding to modern CPG challenges with Nuxeo


Nuxeo DAM simplified packaging workflows and made digital assets reusable for a top global beauty company — all with a look, feel, and experience configured to be as unique as their brand.

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When it comes to producing images in the apparel industry, it’s go big or go home. Nuxeo DAM helped a top global company manage digital assets for an array of clothing and accessory brands worldwide

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Big product lines, fast-changing packaging: Nuxeo recently helped a leading food brand implement a digital asset management solution to solve key challenges in asset creation, deployment, and reuse.

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* — (Don’t take our word for it: Nuxeo has been named a Visionary three times in a row by the
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.)

Gartner Magic Quadrant

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