Nuxeo provides a cloud native, future-proof ECM platform to develop, test and deploy content-driven applications at massive scale:

  • Content Repository including a flexible data model, a pluggable persistence engine, and powerful search and query engine

  • Regulatory compliance including, for example, SEC, FINRA, FCPA, and MiFID regulations

  • Fraud detection and AML (anti-money laundering)

  • Brand management and governance including global sales & marketing collateral; workflows for collateral localization, dynamic publishing and more

  • Claims management and processing of huge volumes of transactions and related documents, images and video

  • High-volume transaction process automation with related documents, video and images for claims management, insurance applications, mortgage lending, etc.

  • Integrated content & metadata repository unifying existing systems for internal & customer-facing applications

FinServ Organizations Using Nuxeo

Banque de France

Key Features

Massive, Unmatched Scalability

To the tune of 1 billion documents and 6,000 requests per second; support for NoSQL databases (MongoDB, MarkLogic) and deep Elasticsearch integration

Schema-flexible Metadata Model

Supports fast-evolving content and creation of intelligent, rich content objects to optimize your key business processes

Military-grade Security

With concurrent access controls and custom security policies to limit user access to content and user actions in applications based on role, group, etc.

cloud-native Platform

Maximizes cloud computing benefits while supporting wide array of deployment options, from on-prem and hybrid options (e.g., AWS S3 Storage) to full cloud (AWS EC2, Azure) and Nuxeo hosted cloud

Flexible, Dynamic, Composable API

Enables rapid development of custom services, plug-ins, data structures and data processing routines, making Nuxeo a future-proof ECM platform

Advanced Workflow Engine

For visual design of complex processes for claims processing, mortgage lending, risk management and more

See Nuxeo in Action

One of the core features of any content management platform is the ability to store content and query it. Starting in version 6.0, the Nuxeo Platform integrated Elasticsearch, one of the most promising index and search technologies, as the default query engine, while retaining full backward compatibility and access control. Learn more about our integration with Elasticsearch

Additional Resources:

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API eBook: Resources and guidance for developing content-driven web services for the Nuxeo Platform based on RESTful principles

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