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Nuxeo helps financial services organizations derive business value from their data by transforming those organizations from data centric to data intelligent.

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Shape the Future of Financial Services.

Information is a core asset for financial services organizations. But for most, it is managed by outdated, inefficient systems and applications. You know what’s important to your organization.

So whether your goal is improving your customer experience, increasing market share, or meeting compliance requirements, modernizing your information management systems is crucial to your future success.

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From Data-Centric to Data-Intelligent

The insurance industry is losing talent and experience at an alarming rate as a greying workforce quickly reaches retirement age. In banking the issue is a crisis of trust that has eroded brand loyalty, referrals, and products per household.

Across financial services, the answer lays hidden within data. From capturing business knowledge, to enhancing business conduct and practices, the goal of delivering customer value must come from the ability of financial services organizations to derive insight from the staggering amount of information they hold.

At Nuxeo, we help financial services organizations become customer focused through a transformation from being data centric to being data intelligent.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Organization Through Content Enablement

Nuxeo understands that data is the fuel that drives financial services organizations.

The Nuxeo platform provides a quick and simple path to content enabling virtually any line-of-business or core application across insurance, banking, and capital markets.

Deliver Repeatable and Consistent Business Outcomes

Nuxeo delivers the automation of business processes that financial services organizations require to ensure repeatable and consistent outcomes.

Through workflow automation and case management, organizations can encapsulate decades of business knowledge and experience, while ensuring all required processing steps are performed in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Jonathan Reiss, CFO

Our industry has been a laggard in embracing the digital age, but I believe that 2018 is going to be the year when robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, move quickly from the abstract to the concrete. And it’s not going to be enough to be data driven, we have to be data savvy.

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