Shape the Future of Financial Services

Transform from data centric to customer centric.

Information is a core asset for financial services organizations. But for most, it is managed by outdated, inefficient systems and applications.

So whether your goal is improving your customer experience, increasing market share, or meeting compliance requirements, modernizing your information management systems is crucial to your future success.

Visionary* thinking for the biggest Financial Services challenges.

Controlling claims management isn’t a matter of eliminating the human touch. It’s a matter of partnering the right processes and technology with the best people.

Modern Claims Management

The millennial customer is hard to attract and easy to lose; it’s never been more important to get customer experience right the first time.

Neobanks are forcing financial services to modernize their systems, but also to discover new ways of delivering customer value.

Competing with neobanks

* — (Don’t take our word for it: Nuxeo has been named a Visionary twice in a row by the
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.)

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With Nuxeo, we’re now able to harmonize our information management landscape, which is incredibly valuable because it enables us to better manage and utilize information for a better customer experience, as well as make better use of our internal IT systems and reduce costs.
[Nuxeo] enables us to better utilize information for a better customer experience, make better use of our internal IT systems and reduce costs.” Saswat Padhi, ABN AMRO

Become customer focused.
Here’s how Nuxeo helps you stay ahead.

From data centric to customer centric
Delivering customer value must come from the ability of financial services organizations to derive insight from the staggering amount of information they hold. Develop apps that mirror the systems and business objects that matter in your business.

Realize your full potential
We work at enterprise scale - that means billions of objects, TBs of storage and thousands of users. Nuxeo’s 1 billion asset benchmark test sets us apart from the competition by demonstrating true performance at scale.

Deliver repeatable business outcomes
Through workflow automation and case management, organizations can encapsulate decades of business knowledge and experience, while ensuring all required processing steps are performed in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Modernize and Go to the Cloud

IT modernization can be a painful process — but it doesn’t have to be. With Nuxeo, migrate to the cloud and modernize your information management systems “in place,” making content available across silos without disrupting the workflows and tools your users depend on.

It's time to modernize your systems

Learn how top financial services organizations remain competitive with Nuxeo.

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