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Nuxeo helps government agencies drive digital transformation by modernizing enterprise content platforms and content-driven applications to extend the use of digital information across the enterprise.

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Modernize your information systems with Nuxeo.

In today’s digital age, information is your most important asset. But the way in which information is managed in most organizations is built on aging and inefficient technologies. It’s time to fix this problem.

It’s time to modernize and shape the future of information management in your organization with the Nuxeo Content Services Platform.

Start Shaping the Future

Create Value for Your Agency, Employees and Citizens

The use of modern technologies has created a staggering amount of data that has extraordinary business value for your agency when managed and used effectively. While many agencies focus on the 10% of structured data, it is the remaining 90% of unstructured data – content of any size and type – that is most critical to day-to-day operations.

Effectively managing and using that content can help agencies operate more efficiently, improve citizen services, and make informed decisions faster, to deliver on your mission. Realize the full value of your content with the Nuxeo ECM and Content Services Platform for Government.

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2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day
— Gartner

52% of agencies are including content management in their big data strategy

— 2017 FCW CSP Survey

77% of agencies see content management modernization as a very important part of their digital transformation strategy

— 2017 FCW CSP Survey

Realize the Full Value of Content

Nuxeo helps government organizations realize the full value of unstructured data by modernizing legacy enterprise content management systems with a true next generation content services platform.

The Nuxeo platform unifies and extends the use of digital information across the enterprise through responsive, content-drive applications with automated workflow and business process capabilities.

Re-Define Efficiency and Value

Nuxeo re-defines efficiency for business users and IT departments, delivers faster time to value and reduces upgrade risk with a content services platform that emphasizes configuration over coding.

This means applications can be launched quickly and modified easily to meet the changing business needs of the organization without losing any investment and without vendor lock-in.

Julie Rushin, Consultant – Tax Administration and Tax IT; Former Deputy CIO for Operations Support, IRS; Former Director of the Business Modernization Office, IRS

I spent 35 years working on the business side of the IRS, 15 of which were heavily focused on technology. I have worked in every facet of the business, including serving as the Business Modernization Executive. My experience has given me a unique perspective and insight into the critical success factors for an enterprise Content Management, case management or digital asset transformation program. The Nuxeo solution offers a modern, high performance, open source, highly extensible, and secure technology that enables rapid adoption and innovation with minimal risk. This is why I am unwavering in my belief that the Nuxeo platform is the ideal fit for agencies now and for the foreseeable future.

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