US navy

An Enterprise Content Repository for the U.S. Navy
Nuxeo provides the U.S. Navy with an open source ECM platform with APIs for integration with other systems, custom workflows and much more. “Other solutions we considered either did not support our [security] requirements or were too restrictive in terms of technology.” - David Daniel, Senior Software Engineer & Project Manager, U.S. Navy

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Private- and public-sector organizations alike rely on the Nuxeo Platform to develop, test and deploy content-critical enterprise applications.

Document Management

« Important content is often siloed away in legacy ECM systems, causing redundant manual work, often using paper documents. »

A modern, open source platform to easily access, share and manage all content

  • Import documents, images and other content from any source, with flexible storage options
  • Integrate with scan and document capture tools, such as Ephesoft, for open source OCR automation
  • Safely share, annotate and collaborate on enterprise content with military-grade security

Case Management

« Agencies struggle with antiquated legacy case management systems that do not share information, have duplicated data and must rely on paper-based processes for their workflows. »

Built-in case management capabilities and an advanced workflow engine for process automation

  • Create case profiles with file attachments, metadata and managed workflow paths
  • Replace paper work orders with custom web forms, triggering work processes and tasks upon submission
  • Automatically assign new content to a new or existing case
  • Define task lists with task assignments, delegation, reminders, task reassignment and escalations

See Nuxeo in Action

A Nuxeo document is not just a “file”... it is an intelligent, rich content object with customizable metadata, facets, multiple related files and more. Learn more in this video from Nuxeo University, our learn-by-example training site!

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Customer video: Discover how the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) uses the Nuxeo Platform for fast, transparent case management for criminal investigations

Customer case study: DILA, an agency of the French Prime Minister’s Office, uses the Nuxeo Platform for critical case management applications

Read our technology brief: Architecture for a Scalable Content Repository, reviewing the integration MongoDB and Elasticsearch into the Nuxeo Platform resulting in exceptional performance and scalability that other tools simply cannot match

Digital Publishing & Search

« Many government entities need to quickly and efficiently publish and share vital content with other agencies and the public. »

Centrally control and publish content to remote applications, file systems, HTTP servers, web portals and more

  • Track approvals for new and revised documents and other media; automatically update document lifecycle state based on workflow status
  • Highly scalable faceted and full-text search capabilities through the integration of Elasticsearch as the default query engine
  • CMIS-compliant platform supports web presentation tools (WCM/CMS) such as HippoCMS, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
  • Offers built-in frameworks for web UI development, including built-in visual dashboard kit using Polymer open-source web elements

Future-Proof & Open Source

« Government policies explicitly encourage the use of open source software solutions as a best practice. »

A future-proof, cloud-native open source platform for content-critical applications with massive scalability

  • Fully dynamic, composable REST API with JSON as data format - use virtually any programming language
  • Extensible architecture with over 250 extension points for developers to build new custom services and plug-ins
  • Nuxeo offers a library of pre-built plug-ins for popular apps and services including, Adobe CC, Google Cloud Vision and more
  • Schema-flexible metadata model supports fast-evolving content and creation of rich content objects
  • cloud-native platform enables rapid implementation on-premises, hybrid cloud, self-managed cloud or Nuxeo Cloud service
  • Supports SQL or NoSQL as database backend for unmatched scalability, benchmarked at over one billion documents

Nuxeo Platform is a complete enterprise-grade business application development platform

Made for a Data-Driven World

Battle-Tested for Critical Workloads

Solid Engineering

Built to Be Extended

Cloud Native

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