Content Management Solutions for Insurance

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Today’s insurance customers demand seamless, omnichannel experiences – from underwriting to policy administration and claims. But the information needed to optimize these customer interactions and processes is often locked in siloed systems.

It’s time to replace those outdated, inflexible enterprise content management (ECM) systems and single-use solutions with a modern Content Services Platform. It’s time for the Nuxeo Platform.

How to modernize your information management systems

How does the Nuxeo Platform help insurers?

Automate Underwriting

Speed is critical to deliver a positive customer experience. Given that the underwriting process for a typical life insurance policy can take weeks, this is an area ripe for disruption and modernization.

We help insurers redefine the underwriting process to increase efficiency, grow the customer base, unlock new opportunities, and ensure long term viability — all while delivering the highest level of customer service.

Automate underwriting
Automate Underwriting
Streamline Policy Administration

Streamline Policy Administration

Policy administration is one area where insurers can delight or disappoint the customer, so making the experience as straightforward and painless as possible is critical. Modern customers expect frictionless, omnichannel interactions with their insurer. When they make a change to their policy, they demand speed, transparency, and consistent communication.

We help insurers create seamless customer experiences to retain your existing base, avoid frictions and engage with satisfied new customers.

Streamline policy administration

Re-imagine Claims Processing

Claims processing is often the most stressful interaction that customers have with their insurer. It’s at this moment — when customers are at their most vulnerable — that the insurer must not only meet but exceed their expectations.

We help insurers create a connected, user-friendly claims experience that works faster and makes customers happier. And when customers are happy, they’ll be more receptive to new opportunities.

Re-imagine claims processing
Re-imagine Claims Processing

The X Factor

Claims are at the heart of customer experience in the insurance industry, but many claims managers still use legacy systems that are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

With our platform, you can implement straight-through processing, virtually handle claims and reduce claims leakage. In short, make your claims processes more efficient while improving the experience for everyone: claimants, agents, and adjusters.

Claims Management

We help insurers to proactively address the early warning signs of claims leakage with automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. You could save billions of dollars!