Nuxeo for Luxury Brands

Launch faster. Stay relevant. Stay ahead.

From pop-up shops to unexpected new collaborations, today’s luxury brands are at the leading edge of bringing creativity to store shelves.

Now, add value to your creative and product content to conquer trends and crush the competition, with Nuxeo Platform — the leading platform for Product Asset Management (PAM).

What is Product Asset Management?

In today’s trends-driven markets, getting product onto the shelves and providing exceptional customer service have never been more important. Product Asset Management (PAM) is a new approach that takes digital assets beyond the marketing department to connect content, data, and assets across the organization. PAM is a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional DAM systems.

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Discover PAM

Over 50% of consumers worldwide are now middle-class or above — and they demand more than ever from the companies serving the $1T luxury goods market.
Over 50% of consumers worldwide are now middle-class or above — and they demand more than ever from the companies serving the $1T luxury goods market.” Brookings

Power to the Platform


Content Unlimited
Where a DAM system was limited to images, PAM goes further, including video, 3D renderings, documents, and data about products, talent, and materials. With unmatched scalability, Nuxeo Platform allows users to find and use content instantly, even during volume spikes and busy periods.


Workflows that Work
With Nuxeo’s low-code, fully-configurable workflow creation tools, it’s easy to create workflows for global creative collaboration and review. From legal review to choosing selects from a photo shoot, Nuxeo Platform supports a full range of automated workflows.


Smarter Production
With Nuxeo Platform, virtualize prototyping and put information about materials, suppliers, and minimum orders at designers’ fingertips while they’re in their creative tools. Sell-in to buyers with digital portals instead of physical showrooms for streamlined, faster product iteration.

Accelerate your product development process with the revolutionary platform that lets you build the idea-to-shelf process of your dreams.

Nuxeo Studio

With Nuxeo Platform’s low-code application and workflow development tool, Nuxeo Studio, power new apps fast to capture quick wins and use your content more effectively throughout the organization.

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Adobe CC Connector

Collaborate with team members using the full functionality of Nuxeo, and integrate seamlessly with the Adobe applications you already use every day to review and modify work in progress.

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Nuxeo Insight

Make photo studios and materials libraries smarter, with business-specific artificial intelligence and machine learning from Nuxeo Artificial Intelligence. Our low-code wizards make it easy and intuitive.

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Knowledge is a luxury brand’s most important asset — and now, you can turn that knowledge into the power to bring your best ideas forward faster.