Nuxeo for Media and Entertainment

Film and TV studios like yours are at the vanguard of exploding content volume, shrinking release windows, and increasingly complex content creation and delivery ecosystems. Legacy platforms are increasingly expensive and far too slow to support today’s business.

They use Nuxeo


The costs to run your media supply chain are skyrocketing because of exploding storage demand, excessive manual processes, and massive complexity.


A cloud-native, fully modern architecture

Nuxeo Platform provides cloud-scale storage and processing efficiency, while leveraging the benefits and innovations of industry leaders such as Amazon, Elastic, and Google.


Shadow systems and legacy technology that can’t leverage faster or cheaper cloud services slow down the media supply chain and the business.


Never Go Legacy Again

Nuxeo’s hyperscale architecture can manage assets with complex metadata at speeds and scales that break legacy systems. Configured to your business model, your application will keep users productive and engaged.

Benefits Include

Cloud Native

Nuxeo is built with and for the most modern cloud technologies to maximize business performance without on-premise overhead.


The hyperscale foundations of the Nuxeo Platform provide unparalleled scale, flexibility, and ecosystem integration.

Configured to Suit

Nuxeo Studio makes configuring the Nuxeo Platform a breeze with a web-based graphical interface.


Accelerate and automate ingestion of assets from production companies and agencies to maximize scale, reduce vendor backlogs, minimize tagging errors, and make assets available to the organization more quickly.

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Empower users to maximize the value from your assets by delivering the right assets to the right people and processes at the right time.

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Creative Services

Route creative jobs with workflows, keep creatives productive in their native applications, and easily finalize assets for distribution.

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Push assets to any internal or external party via native functionality or APIs, and make it easy for partners and customers to pull what they need without security and permissions compromises.

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Full Creative Life Cycle

The industry's most modern, flexible Content Services platform built on open-source technologies and standards.

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Rock-Solid Foundations

Military-grade security, permissions, and analytics.

Any Digital Asset

Video, images, PDFs, 3D models, and more.

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