Digital Asset Management for Retailers

Omnichannel strategies and the rise of rich media have created a perfect storm for exponential growth in content demand, and retailers are directly in its path.

When legacy silos and complex organizational structures collide with the modern demands of managing digital assets, retailers feel direct impacts on efficiency, creative output, and the customer experience.

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Are you controlling your content… or is it controlling you?

Multiple brand groups, in-house and outside agencies, and other departments upload and download rich media content daily. Multiple teams using different systems and devices (network drives, laptops, smartphones, tablets) as well as numerous platforms and storage solutions (Dropbox, legacy digital asset management solutions, ECM systems) exacerbate the problem. Demand for new content escalates as personalization and omnichannel user experience campaigns become a critical part of marketing strategy.

Frustration follows: teams spend too much time searching for assets, create new content inefficiently (or sometimes unnecessarily when they can’t locate the original file), and in spite of their best efforts can make branding mistakes that cost the company dearly. Scaling content operations creates massive new challenges, and duplicated efforts and outdated content become more common as complexity grows.

Supercharge your content creation

Tame the content chaos with Nuxeo DAM.

It starts with search. Make it easy for your teams to search for rich media content in other departments or outside agencies — no matter where or how they store their files.

With cloud-native technology, search for videos in a fraction of a second.

Nuxeo Digital Asset Management, easy to love.

Nuxeo DAM is an easy-to-integrate, easy-to-adopt solution that puts you and your teams in the driver’s seat. Teams can keep the workflows and storage solutions they’ve worked with before, lowering barriers to adoption. With over 65 integrations and counting, Nuxeo DAM adapts to be as unique as your organization.

Say goodbye to long implementation times. With a web-based graphical interface, configuring Nuxeo DAM out of the box is a snap. Intuitive searching and workflow creation make it easy to manage your digital assets without heavy IT involvement.

Instant Search

Full-visibility searching and instant previews empower content teams to find what they need, when they need it.

Omnivorous Intake

Scale asset ingestion from every content creator you work with to reduce backlogs and maximize efficiency.

Workflow Management

Streamline content reviews and approvals with easy-to-create workflows to eliminate bottlenecks that slow content creation and distribution.

Quick Tagging

Automate tagging with best-of-breed AI to reduce the time your teams spend manually generating metadata.

Secure Distribution

Distribute any type of content downstream without compromising security or permissions.

Made for Multimedia

Easily manage all types of assets, from images and audio to multi-gigabyte video and 3D files, with no limit to file sizes or type.

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