Modernize your information management systems

In today’s digital age, information management is your most important asset.

But the way in which information is managed in most organizations is built on aging and inefficient technologies. It’s time to fix this problem. It’s time to modernize and shape the future of information management in your organization with the Nuxeo Content Services Platform.

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Shape the Future of
Financial Services

Information is a core asset for financial services organizations. But for most, it is managed by outdated, inefficient systems and applications.

So whether your goal is improving your customer experience, increasing market share, or meeting compliance requirements, modernizing your information management systems is crucial to your future success.

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Claims Management

Claims are at the heart of customer experience in the insurance industry, but many claims managers still use legacy processes and systems that are labor-intensive and time-consuming. To reduce claims leakage and drive better customer experience, you need to take a modern approach to claims handling.

Nuxeo offers claims management capabilities that empower insurance companies to drive a unified, omnichannel claims experience. With the low-code Nuxeo Content Platform, you can maximize the efficiency of your claims processes while improving the claims experience for everyone: claimants, agents, and adjusters.

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Insurance companies, banks, and funds are saddled with legacy ECM systems that cost millions to maintain and hold back digital transformation. Modernize legacy systems and accelerate innovation with Nuxeo.

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Nuxeo delivers a solution that allows you to meet the needs of your organization - whether it’s delivering richer customer experiences, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, increasing market share, or meeting compliance requirements.

Learn how top financial services organizations remain competitive with Nuxeo.

ECM Replacement RFP Guide

As you evaluate new vendors to replace your legacy ECM system, it’s critical to identify a modern solution that supports digital agility and provides cost-effective performance, scalability, and responsiveness. This guide provides 10 critical requirements to include in your next RFP.

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Understanding the Risks of Legacy ECM

Explore the costs and risks of remaining on legacy ECM systems, reasons to choose a modern alternative, and key considerations to keep in mind.

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The Future of Claims Processing is Here

This paper is for insurance claims executives and claims decision makers looking optimize the claims process and improve the customer experience with straight through processing and virtual claims handling.

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Data + Content

Manage all types of information, from data and documents to images, HD video, and 3D renderings.


Federated access

Use content across silos without moving your information, to maximize value and ease of access.


Maximum performance

Rely on 99.9% uptime and search all your content and data in the blink of an eye.


Cloud-native architecture

A robust platform with the ease of use of SaaS — run Nuxeo in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid deployment.


Continuous innovation

We’ve said goodbye to release dates, and hello to iterative processes that center on customer needs and immediate feedback.



Connect to remote data and content, define object models, configure workflows and design compelling UIs, all with a simple drag-and-drop paradigm.


Business specific AI

Classify, predict, and enrich documents, rich media, and other content, with no coding or technical expertise.

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