Content Federation Services

Your content. When, where and how you want it.

Regardless of where your valuable information is stored, Nuxeo allows you to access and manage it.

Connect and Consolidate.

Our federation capabilities connect your enterprise information systems to provide

  • a central hub for all of your business information
  • a single platform to build custom applications and interfaces from
  • the ability to optimize and modernize your information management technology stack.

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Content Federation by Nuxeo

Complete View of all Enterprise Content

Nuxeo delivers a 360° view of the information within your organization. Whether you are looking to manage customers, cases, suppliers, invoices, etc.—getting fast and accurate access to all of the information relating to that entity saves time and increases productivity.

Over 60 Content Connectors

Nuxeo delivers over 60 connectors to other content and ECM systems, core business applications, productivity tools, file sharing apps, and more.

Non-Disruptive, Intelligent

Nuxeo not only operates in harmony with your existing systems, but our content federation capabilities can enhance and enrich information residing in other systems to intelligently deliver information to users from a central hub.

Let users work the way they want