Nuxeo and Ephesoft are both open source, CMIS-compliant platforms that together provide a cloud-ready solution for incorporating scanned content directly into content-driven business applications.
This pre-built, CMIS-compliant connector with Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture for advanced OCR automation includes:


Scanning physical and electronic forms, unstructured documents, email attachments and more, at scale


Marketing managers can collaborate on web/print, image, video and other related campaigns


Recognizing and digitizing arbitrary content, including machine print (OCR), handwritten print (ICR), images, barcodes and mark sense (OMR)


Reports for analyzing and tracking all scanning activities, throughput and performance


Importing processed content into Nuxeo Platform, complete with document classification and extracted key fields included as metadata

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Discovering the Future of DAM at Henry Stewart DAM NY
Discovering the Future of DAM at Henry Stewart DAM NY

Another great Henry Stewart DAM NY conference wrapped up Friday afternoon. It was great to meet so many people facing the same issues and sharing the similar optimism for the future.

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The Future of Digital Asset Management
The Future of Digital Asset Management

Due to popular demand, I’m reposting and summarizing my presentation from Henry Stewart DAM NY. Here are the slides, a recording of my presentation, and a written summary. Hope they are helpful!

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