One of the core features of any content management platform is the ability to store content and query it. Starting in version 6.0, the Nuxeo Platform integrated Elasticsearch, one of the most promising index and search technologies, as the default query engine, while retaining full backward compatibility and access control. The integration has been well received, as Elasticsearch is without a doubt the most successful and recognized next-generation technology in search.

The integration of Elasticsearch into the Nuxeo Platform provides:

Scaling the Content Repository with Elasticsearch

The short video describes the design choices behind the hybrid Elasticsearch / PostgreSQL architecture and explains the technical integration of Elasticsearch into the Nuxeo Platform.

Advanced Elasticsearch Capabilities

  • Faceted Search
    Refine keyword searches with filters (facets) computed dynamically from the current results set
  • Fuzzy Query or Proximity Search
    Search for terms without knowing the exact spelling
  • Synonyms
    A search query will return results which match the query and its synonyms using a synonyms dictionary
  • Results Highlighting
    A small segment of text is displayed with each search result where the keywords are highlighted to provide context
  • Analytics and Data Visualization
    Gain insights into your content, activity and performance with our HTML5, Elasticsearch-backed analytics and data visualization toolkit

In addition, the Nuxeo Platform provides an Elasticseach API passthrough: an API endpoint which forwards queries to Elasticsearch while applying the permission filters. You get the ability to use the full extent of Elasticsearch query DSL, or use Elasticsearch client libraries (Javascript, Python, etc.) without worrying about user permissions.

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