MongoDB for ECM

Your content. When, where and how you want it.

Nuxeo’s broad array of out-of-the-box connectors enable you quickly and easily work with content in your preferred apps and tools, and regardless of where your content is stored.

Achieve unparalleled performance with Nuxeo running on MongoDB. Scale effortlessly, on-premises or in the cloud.

Benefits Include

Nuxeo's native integration with MongoDB provides key features, like replication, zero downtime and multi-master writes to support geographically distributed deployments of the Nuxeo platform. Very efficient for geographically distributed architectures!

The MongoDB integration in the Nuxeo Platform allows you to quickly respond to big, complex and always-changing data models.

If your content application is made of heavy live data loading, or if you need to manage huge content volumes, MongoDB will keep your application running smoothly.


Amit Sharma - Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture

Amit Sharma - Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture
We needed a platform with better search capabilities, document storage, and other 21st century content services technologies. We were using ‘end of life’ technology from a proprietary vendor, and it simply was not meeting our needs and requirements. Read more
Electronic Arts

Steve Scivally - RPM Director

Steve Scivally - RPM Director
We accelerated our time to deployment by nearly 50%. Read more
Nucleus Research
We found that Nuxeo users are almost evangelical in their support of the Nuxeo Platform.
Gartner Magic Quadrant Content Services Platforms
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