Nuxeo Platformをダウンロード



$ docker run -it --name mynuxeo -p 8080:8080 nuxeo/nuxeo:discover-ft


$ $ wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) fasttracks"
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install nuxeo


$ brew install nuxeo
$ nuxeoctl start

FT 10.3


How to Install Nuxeo Platform?


Nuxeo Platformをダウンロードしたら、30日間無料のNuxeo Online Service試用版に登録して、追加のサポートとガイダンスを利用することができます。

Nuxeo Studioの使用もぜひご検討ください。このパワフルなソフトウェアウィザードを使用することで、プログラマでないユーザでも、カスタムのエンタープライズコンテンツ/アセット管理プラットフォームに求められるワークフローやインタフェース、エクスペリエンスを作成することができます。

また、Nuxeo Marketplaceには、アプリケーションの機能を拡張する、すぐに使えるプラグインとパッケージが豊富に用意されています。



Latest LTS Version Highlights (LTS 2017)

Supporting the Digital Workplace

Customers using Nuxeo from a mobile web browser can now start the native Nuxeo mobile app with a single click, for an optimized mobile experience. The native application improves the mobile experience by providing a native mobile look and feel, improved responsiveness, makes the best use of the available device real estate, and supports common mobile design patterns (pinch and zoom, back button navigation, multi touch).

Revisited Asynchronous Processing with Kafka

Nuxeo’s unmatched enterprise scalability gets a further boost with the addition of Kafka to the architecture. Kafka guarantees that all asynchronous jobs are queued correctly and completed more efficiently, improving overall system performance. In addition, the distributed nature of Kafka make it a perfect complement to Nuxeo’s horizontally scalable, high availability architecture.

Serverless Computing Integration

Thanks to the Amazon Lambda integration long, CPU intensive tasks can be redirected to run on Amazon's Serverless Computing infrastructure, ensuring user performance will not be compromised. A practical application of this integration is mass thumbnail generation when thousands of images are added to Nuxeo.

Elasticsearch 5 and HTTP API Support

Nuxeo supports Elasticsearch 5.6 which allows for the use of the HTTP based API to Elasticsearch and organisations can now use HTTPS to secure all communications. With this release Nuxeo can also leverage the Elasticsearch service in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Elasticsearch 5 also brings new capabilities to the Nuxeo platform.

Better User Experience

The new Web UI introduces several UX improvements for better user experience. One of them is the thumbnails grid. The media search screen now displays thumbnails that keep the original ratio of the images and displays the metadata on hover, making it easier for you to identify the image (or visual media) you are looking for.

Full MongoDB support

The Nuxeo platform can now be fully deployed on MongoDB, the industry’s leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is great for those customers looking for the ultimate in performance or simply looking to remove their dependency on SQL databases as it runs on more cost effective hardware, scales horizontally, and is designed to facilitate big data use cases.