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A Single, Extensible Platform

Nuxeo allows enterprises to realize the full value of their content by quickly and easily launching content-driven applications – with automated workflow and process capabilities – that scale as your requirements change to unify and extend the use of digital information, provide a better user experience, and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise.

Built-In Workflow and Automation

Built-in workflow and automation capabilities allow developers to easily build and deploy applications and a drag-and-drop interface allows business users to visually see and easily build workflows.

Case Management

Nuxeo case management is architected to be a single unified offering that includes native content and document management, process automation driven by a powerful workflow engine, and comprehensive versioning and event tracking so that every action is captured and tracked.

Manage All Content Types

Manage traditional content types like documents (MS Office, PDF) and digital assets like emails, rich media (e.g., audio, video, geospatial, biometric) The Nuxeo platform includes customizable versioning, tagging, metadata and rendering capabilities.

Universal Metadata Model

Nuxeo uses schema-flexible metadata that can easily adapt and expand as customer requirements change over time. This flexibility ensures content can be repurposed to fulfill future use cases.

Manage Content in Place

The Nuxeo content services platform delivers flexible, centralized management and access to content across the enterprise. It integrates with existing systems, connects to core content repositories, applies a rich metadata layer to them, enables organizations to view content in one place and also apply new content-driven applications without the disruption of moving legacy applications onto a new platform.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Nuxeo simplifies digital asset management by bringing the diversity of assets together under one set of services and user experience. This highly scalable offering enables organizations to effectively manage, route, approve, search, view, render, and transform large format digital assets for multiple uses such as information dissemination, analysis, collection, processing, preservation, publishing, and branding at the enterprise level.

Deliver Content in Context

Nuxeo moves beyond “retrieve and present” and contextualizes content to make it usable. Nuxeo applications can integrate with existing systems that house content, apply automated business processes that search the content and with specific filters and requirements, and deliver only the relevant digital information required for end users to process the task at hand.

Supports Real-Time Decision-Making

Nuxeo’s advanced metadata model supports machine-learning algorithms and the use of artificial intelligence and Google Analytics to extract insights which helps users to quickly and efficiently search across the enterprise to find the information they need when they need it, fast.

Highly Secure

With an advanced and highly configurable access control system, including the ability to use things like FIPs 140-2 encryption in flight and at rest, the Nuxeo platform ensures that your valuable information is protected and accessed by those with the appropriate permission. In addition, it facilitates the secure long-term storage, access, archiving and appropriate disposition.

Key Infrastructure Options

Nuxeo prevents vendor lock-in to costly back-end systems by enabling customers to configure the infrastructure that meets their needs including the ability to leverage leading-edge file storage and database technologies. Choose components such as SQL and NoSQL database; configure search using SQL-based queries, Elasticsearch, or both; and partition data and scale independently for high performance and optimum efficiency.

Configuration, Not Coding

The Nuxeo platform emphasizes configurability. Optimized for speed of application development and deployment, the Nuxeo system has the flexibility to shift the configuration in real time to adapt to constantly changing business requirements. Its modular architecture also enables technologists to efficiently extend the solution with its many pluggable APIs – instead of having to develop customize code.

Operational from Day One

The Nuxeo platform has out-of-the-box connectors, mobility, a wide choice of content services plugins and productivity apps for immediate adoption and fast deployment.

Modern Architecture

The Nuxeo platform is the only modern content services platform that was built in the era of the cloud using current open source architecture. Nuxeo’s cloud native architecture allows for rapid deployment in any environment and the open source power of the platform enables the flexibility, scalability and extensibility that are helping organizations realize the full value of their content and achieve digital transformation.

An Enterprise Solution

We empower organizations to harness the full value of their digital information by easily integrating with and leveraging their existing enterprise applications and systems; applying workflow and case management tools to drive critical processes and casework; and providing content within the context of applications the end user recognizes and can easily use.

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