New York, NY - January 14, 2015 – Nuxeo, provider of the Nuxeo Platform, a highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications, announced a majorly updated version of the Codenvy-based Nuxeo Factory. This new integration allows Nuxeo Platform developers to manage their entire development cycle in the cloud without installing anything.
Codenvy cloud software is a fully functional SaaS developer environment based on an extensible cloud IDE platform. The Nuxeo Factory allows instant provisioning, sharing and scaling of Nuxeo Platform development environments. It enables applications to be developed faster and more reliably. It takes advantage of the new features of the latest release of the Codenvy Platform allowing developers to:

  • Start a Nuxeo development environment with a click of a URL
  • Develop in a preconfigured environment that has dedicated resources and is ready for coding
  • Use a consistent build and debug environment tailored to Nuxeo outlined in a simple-to-read Dockerfile
  • Connect the instance to Nuxeo Studio, the design and configuration environment for the Nuxeo Platform
  • Start working quickly thanks to a welcome wizard that provides a step-by-step guidance
    “Integration with Codenvy demonstrates our commitment to help developers build their Nuxeo-based applications faster, using leading edge tools and services, “ said Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO. “We are always looking for ways to make application development on the Nuxeo Platform easier and faster. We believe the Nuxeo Factory will not only do that but it will be more reliable than traditional desktop tools.”
    The Nuxeo Codenvy factory is available for immediate use ( This integration also enables developers to deploy from Codenvy into a Nuxeo Platform instance. This one click test environment helps developers rapidly build and test their applications.
    “Nuxeo’s platform has continually offered businesses powerful new features, partly through the contributions of the open source community,” said Brad Micklea, Codenvy COO. “Codenvy’s Factories make it simple for developers to make those tested contributions. Our goal is to simplify things so everyone will wonder how they managed with manual contribution workflows before.”
    By providing Nuxeo Platform developers with an entire development cycle in the Cloud using only a browser, Nuxeo reinforces its leader position as a provider of a content management platform for building business applications. Development, compilation, build and deployment are now available in the Cloud. With the Codenvy-based Nuxeo Factory, Nuxeo improves support for its community with an opportunity to start working with the Nuxeo Platform much more easily and faster.
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