New York, NY / Paris, France - June 09, 2014 Nuxeo, the provider of a content services platform, announced it’s latest Insights Paper: Nuxeo Insights: The Evolution of Content in the Software-Defined Enterprise.
Increased customer demands push organizations to constantly adapt and innovate to be competitive. To survive, these organizations set aside traditional approaches to systems and technology, looking for innovative ways to design and build applications that digitize information and processes and adapt as necessary. They are becoming software-defined enterprises.
One area where this approach is challenging the traditional way of doing things is in the content management world. The way content is created is changing dramatically thanks to the Web. No longer is it stored in static files inside traditional enterprise content management platforms. It is living, active content created in structured formats using Web and mobile applications.
This new approach to content requires tools and technologies that weren’t available in the paper world. It requires capabilities that don’t currently exist in legacy enterprise content management systems. Modern organizations need to enable their employees to do their jobs properly and become more efficient - that’s where content, and flexible business applications, play a big role. This is the evolution of content and content management.
In Nuxeo’s new Insights report, learn how content has evolved and is supporting new approaches to business innovation.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How content has slowly evolved from the static documents of yesterday.
  • The new role content management systems play to support content, including Big Data.
  • How to build content-centric applications that empower employees and customers.
  • Learn why information is at the core of every modern business and what that means for building applications that foster innovation.
    It’s not about building bigger better content management platforms that act as silos of information. It’s about building systems of empowerment - business applications that create and utilize content to support customers (both internal and external), systems that are flexible and quick to adapt as things change. Organizations that are able to bypass legacy systems and build at greater scale and lower cost will be disruptive, and they will be successful.

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo provides an extensible and modular Content Services Platform enabling architects and developers to easily build and run business applications. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo Platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities. It comes with ready-to-use Document Management, Digital Asset Management and Case Management packages. 1000+ organizations rely on Nuxeo to run business-critical applications, including Electronic Arts, Netflix, Sharp, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing. Nuxeo is dual-headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at

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