NEW YORK, NY - November 04, 2015 - Nuxeo, provider of the Nuxeo Platform, a highly customizable content management platform to create and maintain business applications, announced new benchmark results with MongoDB, the database for Giant Ideas, as a content store. The benchmarks reveal up to 5x faster bulk import of content and a 15x performance improvement in document processing over the fastest-performing SQL database implementation. MongoDB provides a database storage option offering high performance, high availability, and exceptional scalability for enterprise content management (ECM) applications built on the Nuxeo Platform.
Using the Nuxeo Platform in tandem with MongoDB opens up a whole new world of content management applications with big data tools and processes capable of dealing with enormous data volumes at unmatched speeds.“ said Thierry Delprat, CTO of Nuxeo.
The Nuxeo Platform offers a deep and native integration with MongoDB Enterprise, which can be used natively with the Nuxeo Platform to store content and data, as an alternative to an SQL database. Fully compatible with any existing Nuxeo-powered application, MongoDB enables developers to deploy cloud-ready enterprise applications using the Nuxeo Platform with even better performance and scale than ever before.
High performance of the Nuxeo Platform has already been tested and benchmarked to the tune of up to 1 billion documents. New benchmarks with MongoDB on an average cloud instance and using complex content objects now show the following results (40+ properties):

  • Document Processing: 14,000 doc/sec, i.e., 15x-18x increase versus SQL backend
  • Bulk Import: 5x faster
  • Read via REST API: +50% vs SQL
  • Update via REST API: +80% vs SQL
    These results show a 15x performance increase compared to the fastest SQL implementation. More details about this benchmark are available here (hardware, detailed setup, code source) and in this presentation: “Using MongoDB to Build a Fast and Scalable Document Repository“.
    Nuxeo will present these results with further architectural details at MongoDB Days in the last quarter of 2015. MongoDB Days are held around the world and are designed to provide MongoDB users with in-depth technical education required to be successful in designing and deploying MongoDB apps. Nuxeo is a sponsor of MongoDB Days in France, the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, and Silicon Valley (SV).
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