New York, NY - June 24, 2014 – Continuing its rapid pace of innovation, Nuxeo, provider of the Nuxeo Platform, a highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications, today announced it has integrated leading NoSQL database, MongoDB, offering high performance, availability and scalability of content-centric business applications.
As the first ECM platform to natively support MongoDB, Nuxeo customers now have access to capabilities such as full-index support, rich querying, Map/Reduce for aggregation and data processing, auto-sharding, replication and high availability, and much more. The integration with MongoDB offers Big Data tools and processes for the Nuxeo Platform content store.
“MongoDB is not just another storage driver, it’s a completely new persistence engine that can replace, or work with, the existing SQL-backed storage engine, “says Eric Barroca, CEO Nuxeo. “The Nuxeo Platform and MongoDB together enable a whole new range of content management applications, ones that deal with enormous volumes and massive parallel writes.”
MongoDB can be used in place of, or alongside the existing SQL storage engine used with the Nuxeo Platform. It also works well alongside Elasticsearch, leveraging Elasticsearch for advanced queries and MongoDB for scalable content storage.
MongoDB is the first implementation of a NoSQL database in the Nuxeo Platform and lays the foundation for easily integrating other NoSQL storage options. Existing Nuxeo Platform implementations can immediately benefit from MongoDB without making any changes to existing applications.
MongoDB is available today as a Nuxeo Marketplace package. It is compatible with the latest Fast Track version of the Nuxeo Platform, 5.9.4. In the Fast Track version 5.9.5, MongoDB will be available directly in the Nuxeo Platform, alongside SQL-based storage option.

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