New York, NY, November 18, 2015 - Nuxeo today announced the immediate availability of Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015, the newest version of its enterprise content platform for rapidly building, deploying and maintaining core information-centric business applications for enterprise content management (ECM), digital asset management (DAM) and case management.
“Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 provides unmatched, proven cloud-scale performance, native NoSQL-backed content repository and support for rich, deep data models to power core business applications in today’s data-first world.” said Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO. “By deeply integrating advanced big data technologies, like Elasticsearch and MongoDB, we help our customers build a new generation of mission-critical business applications at an order of magnitude higher scale, performance and richness than any major system in the market today.”.
“Alongside our focus on rich, structured content and performance, we also enable users to fully utilize key cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and, while integrating them with their core business applications and enterprise workflows. Nuxeo enables an unmatched level of productivity and a new level of user friendliness in core enterprise applications, without compromising on security.”
Key new features of Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 include:

Exceptional, proven cloud-scale performance and scalability. Already benchmarked at managing one billion documents on a single cluster, the Nuxeo Platform has further extended its lead in performance and scalability over other tools, using either NoSQL (MongoDB) or SQL databases. Most recently, the Nuxeo Platform, with MongoDB as its content store, was benchmarked with 5x faster bulk import and 15x faster document processing speeds as compared with the fastest SQL back end, under high concurrency loads or high-availability bulk loading scenarios .
Native MongoDB support for building massive, big data-sized content stores. As mentioned above, the Nuxeo Platform can now utilize MongoDB as a NoSQL-based content store, capable of handling hundreds of millions of documents with heavy concurrent read/write operations. Documents can be optionally stored into GridFS or an object store.
Dozens of new innovations to drive business success in today’s cloud-driven environment.

Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 includes many new features designed to empower developers to build all-new content application functionality, which in turn empower people with a whole new level of productivity, efficiency and business insights:

  • Integrate cloud content and collaboration platforms (Google Drive and Dropbox). The Nuxeo Platform provides a complete user- and cloud-friendly content production environment, tightly integrated with enterprise business processes and workflows, including:

    • Linking cloud file sharing platforms (Google Drive, Dropbox) with all other enterprise content, with no local duplication of cloud content required
    • Activating cloud content for use in enterprise workflows and enterprise full text search, query, preview, download/export
    • Automatic launching of native authoring tools associated with each document, with integrated versioning
  • Built-in content analytics and data visualization, through a new visual dashboard development toolkit based on HTML5 and Web Components, to visualize and analyze any aspect of the Nuxeo Platform’s content repository data or user performance

  • Native Integration into*, providing users with the full power of Nuxeo-driven content, process capabilities from within the application, including linking content with any lead, opportunity, customer, campaign, product or any object; plus fast search, upload/download and content editing on demand - all within the UI
  • Expanded functionality using Elasticsearch. Already tightly integrated with the Nuxeo Platform as core query engine, the Nuxeo Platform now includes an Elasticsearch pass-through API that automatically enforces content-level access control, plus new Elasticsearch hints to invoke advanced search filtering within NXQL, the native query language for the Nuxeo Platform
  • New Adobe Indesign Connector enables users to easily find and work with images stored in the Nuxeo repository, from within the InDesign application, including full text and metadata search, permanent linking, notifications of image updates and more
  • Additional DAM functionality including new programmable automatic renderings of imported digital assets, such as automatically saving a new video in multiple formats, or automatic scaling of new images; automatic publishing of digital content to web platforms such as YouTube and Wistia
  • Enhanced core content repository, including new, highly flexible advanced data modeling capable of supporting the most complex content objects and data models; content automation using JavaScript; management of content “in place” wherever the content already resides (cloud storage, GridFS, encrypted file storage, etc.); support for defining hybrid storage management (HSM) policies
  • New extended ACLs and permissions management, including temporary access rights limited to a specified date range, programmable security filters, search for past and current permissions and more
  • Nuxeo Drive 2.0 brings highly improved sync between a user’s local desktop and the Nuxeo Platform, through filesystem notifications and a multi-threaded core

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